Links to my Statistical Packages and Tutorials

My academic web site

  • My academic website made with HUGO
  • Google Scholar

  • Link to my Google Schoolar webpage
  • Shiny Apps

  • Shiny App: Expected date of delivery
  • Shiny App: Parametric distributions for time-to-event analysis
  • Shiny App: Colliders in epidemiology
  • Example dynamic html (Plotly) and (R) plots

  • Link to my Plotly app
  • Gapminder and gganimation
  • Overall Survival Tutorial (SVA)

  • Introduction Time-to-Event analyses (survival)
  • Relative Survival Tutorial

  • Standardization of Net Survival in a Cohort analysis under the Relative Survival Framework (Tutorial for Stata Users)
  • Tabuations for 1:1 matched case-control studies

  • Stata module for tabulation of matched pairs in 1:1 case-control study by exposure status
  • Cross-validation Tutorial and Stata Program (Stata cvAUROC)

  • Cross Validation in practice with R
  • Cross-validated AUC for Stata users
  • Cuasal Inference Tutorial for Double-Robust Methods and TMLE (Stata ELTMLE)

  • Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation (TMLE) in practice with R
  • Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation (TMLE): Stata implementation
  • ELTMLE example: Stata One Simulation, eltmle vs. competitors under dual missepecification (2017-SUGM)
  • Big-Data Dynamic Plots from the USA Vital Statistics

  • Data source: USA vital statistics (natality) 2010